Motor Insurance

Motor Comprehensive

GIG Egypt provides the best motor insurance services in Egypt, it will indemnify the insured against loss or damage to the insured vehicle and its accessories as well as spare parts. It overs:

  • Collision or rollover due to an accident or sudden mechanical failure.

  • Fire, thunderbolt, external explosion or self-ignition.

  • Malicious act committed by third-parties only.

  • Malicious act committed by third-parties only.

Motor Comprehensive Benefits

Main Benefits

  • Competitive prices.

  • Repair at any service center of your choice or at the car's dealer center.

  • More than 100 service centers.

  • GIG Egypt directly pays to the center without involving you in the payment process.

  • Wherever your car, we can survey it.

  • Motor claim department works 7 days/week.

  • A special department to follow up on the claims files.

  • The insured will be indemnified within 7 working days once the claim documentation is completed.

  • Road-side assistance.

Motor Comprehensive Packages

Policy Coverage





Third-party liability till 1,2

50,000 EGP

150,000 EGP

250,000 EGP

Personal Accident till 2

10,000 EGP


75,000 EGP

(3 Passengers)

100,000 EGP

(3 Passengers)

Zero deductible in case of repaired in the agency




Key replacement





1 You can increase third-party liability with additional premium.

2 Private vehicles

Additional Coverage

  • Personal accidents including death & total or partial disability sustained to passengers of the motor vehicle.
  • Political Violence : Strikes, riots, civil commotion.
  • Earthquake or other convulsion of nature.
  • Increasing TPL limit.

Other Coverage

Deductible Refund Policy for refunding your deductibles.