Since its inception in 1994, GIG Egypt has contributed to several initiatives to support and develop society, and to carry out social practices and activities in the company that may be the cornerstone for formulating a comprehensive social responsibility strategy.

In 2020, A dedicated sustainable development department was established at GIG Egypt, and it follows the Public Relations Department, to align the agenda of the United Nations, the Egyptian state development strategy & the government’s direction for the next fifteen years as a long-term development strategy that covers the three economic, social and environmental dimensions.

The company took an important step to intensify its services provided to the community through the formation of social responsibility and sustainable development department, which implemented the directives of the senior management and the selection of projects that have an impact on the development of society, based on the environmental and social axes as basic components of its operational strategy.

GIG Egypt’s sustainable development policy adopts the concept of sustainable development as a general framework aimed at improving the quality of life at the present time without prejudice to the rights of future generations.

Where the company's senior management decided to choose 12 international goals that the company believes are most relevant to its core business as follows:

  • Goal #1 “No poverty”

  • Goal #2 “Zero Hunger”

  • Goal #3 “Good health and well-being”

  • Goal #4 “Quality Education”

  • Goal #5 “Gender Equality”

  • Goal #6 “Clean water and sanitation”

  • Goal #7 “Affordable and Clean energy”

  • Goal #8 “Decent work and economic growth”

  • Goal #11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”

  • Goal #13 “Climate Action”

  • Goal #14 “Life below Water”

  • Goal #17 "Partnerships for the goals"